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test walk

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Hey not bad!

Not sure what type of feed back  you're looking for but I can try and provide some constructive criticism if you're open to it.

Focus on your main key frames i.e., contact and passing for both the right and left side. The stronger your keys the better the animation will look. The walk just feels stiff. Without knowing anything about the character like her attitude, reason for being, etc. It's hard to gauge what you intended the walk to convey. So take my comments from the POV of a casual human walk. 

To get around the stiffness you'll need more rhythm in the hips, i.e., slight twist depending on what leg is in play and proper dips and rises (squash and stretch). 

Once you are happy with the main keys and they are solid. You can focus on really putting some personality into the walk in your in-betweens and break down keys. The main keys will continue to carry the animation at this point.

Just can't stress enough how important it is to tighten up the main key poses. Ya gotta really sell each pose for contact and passing as it should/will drastically improve the animation....the human eye catches everything. 

Good luck and good job so far :) 

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stiffness is always a problem in 3d. you are right I have yet to do anything with the passing pose. right now the passing pose is generic. with no actual pose there. I havent got to it yet but I intend to hold the motion during the contact poses. at the very least the walk will be stronger

that was good insight

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