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Playniax game templates and assets

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Hi guys,

This will be the place where I will keep you up to date you on the latest Playniax game templates and assets.
Most of it you can find on also.
Some of our assets are free, some of them are not.

For starters, I just released the game template 'keep-mining'


After purchase you can reskin the game, change the title, design levels, change the music and monetize it anyway you like!
And 'fair usage' support from us!
Final builds should work on Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows and OSX!

Play demo here:

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    • By Kurupted Playz
      Hey, I'm looking for some people that can help me with a game that I'm making that is a 3d platformer.
      I mostly need someone for character design and animation,  I can do some coding but if you can do coding as well you're still welcome because I'm still not the greatest at coding just yet.
      if you need to contact me add me on discord @ Kurupted#1206
    • By snacktime
      So thought I'd throw this out here.
      The game is multiplayer, kind of an mmo/moba hybrid.  The setting is low fantasy and I'm trying to keep magic subdued.  There is a strong emphasis on vehicles and siege type weapons, and naval combat is a large part of the game.
      Right now I'm focusing on naval combat, that's where most of the functionality has been fleshed out.  Currently I have the equivalent of ballistas and catapults, I call them bolt thowers and lobbers right now.  Probably also worth mentioning that you build your own ships.  You get a choice of hulls that are premade, and then you can place weapons/armor, etc..  All of it crafted.
      SO anyways current naval combat is lobbers do damage to the ship itself primarily, plus some small splash damage to weapons.  Bolt throwers do high damage vs mounted weapons, low damage to the ship structure itself.  
      But what I want is to have more support type effects.  Something similar to Eve online logistics.  Right now the best idea I have is crystals.  I've started to run with it as it's the best I have, but it's in the early stages.  So now ships have sails and a crystal drive for power.  You can be using one or the other not both.  Crystals drives move slower but can go backwards (solves a practical issue). 
      On the combat side I'm starting to try and flesh out the idea of a crystal 'turret'.  Since I want magic subdued, these turrets for the most part just provide buffs/debuffs.  I'm also thinking that I need classes for combat ships, to constrain ships to either having the normal weapons or the crystal turret, support vs damage dealer concept.
      I also started to kind of run with some other ideas around crystals.  The game is made up of regions/zones, and I'm thinking of having the origin of crystals being they fall from the sky,  maybe some neighbor planets collided resulting in all these crystal fragments that occasionally fall.  So if I create a shower of valuable crystals in an area, that should be a good way to get pvp action going. This also feeds into doing more with the treasure hunting mechanic I wanted, so oceans over time would build up more and more crystals.  And when a new region is discovered, it could have a lot of them. 
      In any case I'm not entirely certain about the crystal idea so was looking for some more feedback.  I am certain about a lot of the underlying mechanics and abilities, so I'm pushing forward using crystals.  If I change gears it won't effect much of the implementation. 
      I think the biggest part of what I'm not certain about is can I subdue the magical feeling of crystals.  Like if I can come up with some science behind why they work like they do.   For instance maybe the core of the planet is made of some material that gives power to the crystals.  Or if the crystals drop from the sky, their power could come from how close to the sun they got (if they originated from say another broken planet on the other side of the sun).  Anything to avoid the whole idea of 'magic crystal'.
    • By Atwo Studios
      Hey Everyone,
      I'm Anthony From Atwo Studios. My partner and I are creating a color combination game that will be available for Android. We are currently in beta for our game and are requesting feedback on anything in the game! If you think something sucks or is really good let us know! We are open for all suggestions. If you are developing a game too let us know because we are more than happy to give feedback and help you develop the best game possible!
      Thanks for taking the time to read this post and hopefully watch the video! It's one of my first dev video's so if you think it sucks its okay i know!  
      Feel free to drop a link for anyone you would like to show off, Hope to hear from you soon!
      You can visit our website  more information on the game and on our company!
    • By Atwo Studios
      Hey Everyone, Its Anthony (the one in the video) just wanting to drop a game development update for our new project ROY. Feel free to leave a comment or any advice on the game, any feedback is good feedback for us. Thanks for watching! Hope to hear from you soon!
    • By D Gyani
      Hey everyone! Please checkout this game below:
      Youtube Demo Video
      Link To Google Play Store
      Link to Apple App Store

      Deserted Island: A Quest For Survival is a FREE survival and strategy game, where you have one objective: survive the island your plane crashed onto, repair the broken radio and call for rescue. You need to gather various resources like pine logs, lime stone etc., cook your own food, craft rudimentary weapons, nails, screws, bolts to repair the radio.
      Wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold all work against you. With a limited supply of guns, simply shooting the animals is not an option. Your world has turned upside down, you need your wits about you, decide crafting which weapon will help you stay alive longest. Ofcorse if you are a vegan, you can grow your own pumpkin farm, forage berries and cook them

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