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In-game payments implementation PITA/hell

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Hey guys,

I'm writing an article on behalf of a client, EnjinCoin (enjincoin.io) about the current hell of payments. Both technical (which I'm asking about here) and on the business end and I'm asking for opinions or past experienced

What are some of the worst payments solutions/implementations you guys have to deal with? Looking for strong opinions. I've heard google play is a PITA and isnt a onestop shop.  What are some good examples as well as bad?  what are some things you wish you had or would happen? and yeah I'm also a developer so feel free to get into the weeds on code, API's etc on the rants. 

I used to be more active in gamedev myself and this is part of a long mulltistep plan to earning/self financing my way back lol. Can discuss here without the details but would also love 1-3 on the record statements if I can get them. Have already gotten some complimentary EnjinCoins okayed as thanks for anyone's time in participating, the specifics we've yet to agree on. For anything on the record, but not so public you can also email me at munly@vanbex.com

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Just a word of warning - a lot of people will (rightly) feel hesitant to badmouth services they actively work with, because disparagement is frowned upon and potentially very damaging to relationships. Technical criticism may fly a little bit, but you're still asking people to openly talk bad about business partners.

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yeah they leave out specifics but we bitch about specifics of engines and so on all the time. The strongest opinions though are where things have already gone south and someone's abandoned something in disgust and sworn "never again", those are the ones I'm looking for the most. 

Ive experienced quite a few that made me quit browser games in disgust right at the point of monetization espec for things like offers, those make good stories too.

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