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A Life Simulator Idea I had.

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So I had this idea of a game similar to The Sims series of games where you created a family,built there house, and lived out there lives, you would have different stages of life for each family member as well ranging from Infants to the Elderly (a popular feature in the Sims), however I would add kind of a twist to it, it wouldn't necessarily have realistic graphics, it would kind of be block-based kind of like the LEGO series of games and this is where I believe the appeal of the game would come in as far as building. you could populate your town if you will with houses but instead of say having pre-fab objects like walls, you could build their houses out of blocks (either block by block or the user could use premades if they wanted to) and customize the material of each block and even allowing the user to make furniture, clothing items,etc. This game is years ahead of a full release as I am still in college but I think the project would be an interesting one I could start with like concept art and stuff.

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So a cross between the sims and minecraft? Or did i misunderstand you?

That could work of course, it all depends on the implementation och what features you choose to pursue.

Be aware however that making a game based on another  with all those features (the sims) and then add alot on top of that (building the houses, walls etc) might water down how well you can implement and optimize both parts. Better make one part excellent than have many parts that are all mediocre. ESPECIALLY true if you have a small team.

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