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Final Equinox Looking for 2D and 3D artist

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Current Positions:

3D hard surface modeler - You will have the opportunity to work off of our concept art to create and texture spaceship models to be used in the game. 

2D Artist- A 2D concept artist to help with character, vehicle, and environmental design. 


Final Equinox: The Arrival is a turn based space combat sci-fi role playing game with a unique combat system. The main character is a newly appointed star ship admiral whose fleet encounters a new enemy in deep space. The game takes place in a complex world filled with multiple different races, in the midst of political upheaval. Rules and feel of the game hark back to the days of old school role-playing games,where combat is difficult and the game forces players into morally compromising situations.

Our website can be found here http://finalequinoxgame.com/ Experience in Unreal Engine is appreciated, but not required. Looking for someone who is hard working, passionate, and has a genuine enthusiasm and passion for game development, as well as role playing games. This project is a revenue share project.

Requirements: Inventive and innovative personality Works well in a collaborative environment. Understanding of digital art ability to help us bring our world to life

Pluses: Interest in Computer Role Playing Games Avid gamer Interest in Science Fiction Ability to help in multiple areas

send portfolio to frozenwastelandentertainment@gmail.com

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