What code is the best for game development?

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Welcome! :)

First a quick terminology nitpick - you're not looking for "a code", you're looking for "a programming language.

Almost any popular modern programming language can be used to make games, and although each has different advantages and disadvantages none is outright "best" - a lot of it actually comes down to the personal preference of the programmer.

If you stick with it, you will learn many programming languages during your career, and once you've learned the basic principles it actually becomes relatively easy to learn new languages. Therefore, don't be too worried about your choice - it's more important to choose any language and get started than to spend lots of time trying to find a best language.


Popular options include C#, JavaScript, Lua, C++, and others. My personal recommendation is C#.


Hope that helps! :)

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If you've never used a programming language before then learning any of them will teach you a lot, though I would agree with C# being a nice option for learning.

You can of course start with something like C++ but it forces a lot more on you to learn early on, such as dealing with pointers. C# is a bit more modern and more friendly to pick up one could argue, but is quite similar to C++ and Java in syntax and style.

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