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Looking for 2D Artist for a top-down view 2D A-RPG

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Hi, I'm the director of "Project Sentinels".

Our game will be a 2D top-down view Action-RPG, made with Game Maker, with influences from Zelda, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter and The Witcher.

We're actively looking for hobbyist 2D artists (ideally two) that will be tasked with the creation of the sprites and mapping for our game. The style of the art isn't fixed yet and can be talked about.

The game, as of right now, is nothing but a good bunch of documentation and ideas waiting to be put into practice. The main story and characters, the world background and lore and game mechanics (combat, dialogues and others) are already written down.



"Nature energy is sprouting everywhere. An enhancing source that turns animals and humans into more capable monstrous creatures. The Sentinels are tasked with the protection of the innocent settlers at the Northern Province. An elite formed to take down and study the mutations that Nature Energy inflicts on living beings. Meanwhile, tension rises as the fragile peace between the humans of the Retalian Empire and the albi from Ivory Harbour grows thinner and thinner. Only a little push would sink the land in the chaos of war... and the innocent would suffer double".

For the moment, there's no money involved. We're all students that use some of our free time to work on a videogame. We'll try to crowdfund our game in the future, and the money that will be potentially earned will be equally shared.

If you're interested, send me a PM or add me in Discord (Ivanotus#0984) and there I'll answer any question you may have.


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