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Hey Everyone, 

I am a music composition student and am looking for experience writing music for a game.  I would like to volunteer time for a game and just learn about implementing music into a story or scenario.  

One of the pitfalls I have come across, is the practice of scoring for games.  It is quite difficult to create prompts for myself that can simulate, what I think of, as a real world experience. Hopefully one of the many people involved can help me find some direction in this field. 

Thanks all for reading and in advance for your help. 

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It might be helpful to play some games on mute, and trying to capture some emotion or feeling as you are playing. You can take those feelings and turn them into a song. Perhaps the level design will give you hints, or the type of play required to get past the level will help you figure out tempo and 'bounce.' Are you jumping a lot? Firing a weapon? Waiting? Are there surprises? Is there some irony, like evil clowns or friendly trolls you can play off of?

Super Mario Bros. for Wii is one I remember that really has the music pull you deeper into the level. You might be able to learn something from that if you check the levels on YouTube.

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