I want to create "card slots" as user interface (Unity)

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Hello! I am building the main scene in Unity for a 3D cards game. My goal is creating "card slots" to place the different cards from a deck and use it as "buttons". The image below represents somehow what I want to develop. I have been reading and I think that I have to generate a canvas and place in my scene the slots where I want to place the cards, but I am not sure about it. Also, to use the cards, I don't know if setting buttons is the best option (maybe I should use images instead).

All recommendations and tips are welcome :)


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What part are you having problems with?  

It seems to me you could create an object that has an array of cards.

That object can have a sub-object canvas for display, and it can coordinate how the canvas displays the tiles, perhaps with scroll bars or resize/rescale/reposition, or whatever you need for the sub-object.

Would that work for you, or do you need a more complex solution?

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I think that is exactly what I was looking for. Because I am a kind of beginner in Unity, there are some things that I don't know how to develop it.

The solution you provide to me seems to be what I am looking for. I know that the cards are part of the UI (for example, it is like control buttons in a mobile phone game), so I knew that canvas was needed, but I didn't know how to make the "planning" for the development.

Thank you so much for the tips :)

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