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Planing to create an iOS online multiplayer card game

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Hello people,



I would like to make a card game for iOS and eventually other platforms too, and had some questions concerning that, and thought this would be a good place to get some help. The reason why I want this card game on iOS is because it’s a game I’ve been playing with friends for ages, and I just love the game – it’s something a little bit made up and has no name really, but I would love to bring it to the public by making such a mobile release.


I have no experience in making games or apps myself. I would just hire people through Upwork.com, that’s how I’ve been doing it for past projects, and so far it has always worked well. Before I hire someone, I should of course become more familiar with how such a game is created, so I am able to control the quality of the work of the people I hired.

The card is a basic card game that is played with a set of poker cards, the goal is like often to get rid of all your cards. You can do the usually stuff such as putting certain cards on top of others, sometimes you get a penalty and need to draw cards, some cards are special cards and change the direction in which the game is played or skip certain players, altogether these are all very simple functions I believe that an experienced developer should have no problem implementing.


A little more complicated is probably my wish to make the game multiplayer. Not local multiplayer, but online multiplayer. What would I need for this? How much would it cost me to run each month? How hard is multiplayer to implement in such a game? How hard is it to make the game’s multiplayer cross-platform if one day I decide to port the game to different platforms?



I would love to hear your tipps, hints and what I should look out for when I post this job online and when working on it. Where’s the best place to start?

(Also, I will be doing the whole design of the game (all textures, etc.) as I find this pretty fun to do.)


Thanks everyone. ;)

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