Pixel Art, Arcade style, Roguelike looking for artists/programmers

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Looking for Pixel Artists and Programmers for a small team I'm putting together to work on a 2D, Sci-fi, Roguelike with a pixel art style.  No experience required however I ask that everyone try their hardest to make this the best game it can be.  I have a lot of the game mechanics and design written down and planned.  Of course that's subject to change if need be, but for the most part conceptually the hard stuff is done.  Now I need implementing said concepts and mechanics. 

The game will be a side-scrolling Roguelike, with a very large focus on arcade action and score.  As the player progresses through randomized, branching hallways shooting enemies, collecting random items from lockers found in specific rooms, and eventually beating a boss to progress to the next level, they will generate points.  The main focus of the game will be said points, with score multipliers given for each boss killed, and with multipliers lost upon death.  Upon a player's death, they are thrown into a short but challenging, randomly selected mini-game reminiscent of old arcade cabinets.  If they can beat the mini-game within the allotted time they are resurrected to continue their run.  This of course will have less and less time for subsequent deaths.  When the player fails the mini-game, their run is over.  

Additional uses for the mini-game mechanic can be introduced, such as locked doors that require you to play a mini-game to open.  Picture Mario Party fused with Mega Man, if Mega Man was a Rogue-like.

I'll gladly answer any question you have about the main concept.  I have a full 9 pages of a google.doc written out of this stuff.

A bit about me: 
My name is JD and I've studied game design for a couple years.  While my programming experience is somewhat limited, I've focused heavily on the psychology of a player and the artistic side of video game creation.  I've spent a large amount of my time analyzing good video games and dissecting what makes them as good as they are.  My end goal is to use this project as a portfolio piece to get a job at a larger game company, however if we decide to stick together as a team I'm more than happy to continue work with everyone.  I'm willing to give my all to the production of the best possible product I can, and I hope others are as passionate and as committed to that goal as I am.

You can reach me at jdhgamedesign@gmail.com, or on discord with the username JD#1258.  I check both those sources daily.

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