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RTS tile based map drawing

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Hello Can anyone point me to the right direction as to  how to efficently draw map for a tile based  RTS / RPG ? I currently have 100*100 grid of tiles  represented by a javafx grid pane  each grid grid holds a Stack Pane with button at the bottom (click on tile to move a unit there or to pick up items)  a tile image on top then an arraylist of items drawn  that are on the tile (sword potion,  armor ECT.) then the tile occupant drawn (there can only be  one tile occupant)   Solider , enemy,  bookshelf , Wall, Tree ECT. Then, the items are drawn  if there is no occupant.  if there is an occupant there no items are drawn even if there are any.   I currently draw the map and then  re draw each individual tile  as then man moves and leaves from their it is slow and you never see the men move just teleport. What am I doing wrong?

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