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Finding Artistic Help for Hobby Projects as a Programmer

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Good afternoon! As the title implies, I'm a hobbyist programmer interested in game design and development but without any proficiency at visual art. My artistic talents lie more in the aural spectrum; and while useful for some game making parts, it leaves me with a vacuum to a key element: art assets. 

So my question to you all is this: What are some good resources as a programmer to help with asset needs or creation? 

Ideally I would like to collaborate with someone on some small tech demos or projects as practice for the same high novice/low intermediate area of skills, just not sure where to go look for those sort of arrangements. Resources for free assets would be nice as well, but after following 10 to the Nth tutorials and game programming books, it's hard to have any enthusiasm for reusing trial assets. I appreciate any advice or direction. Thanks! 

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