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Vulkan Descriptorpool creates descriptors though the pool should be empty

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As the title says, I am explicitly creating a too small descriptor pool, which should NOT support the resources I am going to allocate from it.


	std::array<vk::DescriptorPoolSize, 3> type_count;
	// Initialize our pool with these values
	type_count[0].type = vk::DescriptorType::eCombinedImageSampler;
	type_count[0].descriptorCount = 0;

	type_count[1].type = vk::DescriptorType::eSampler;
	type_count[1].descriptorCount = 0;
	type_count[2].type = vk::DescriptorType::eUniformBuffer;
	type_count[2].descriptorCount = 0;

	vk::DescriptorPoolCreateInfo createInfo = vk::DescriptorPoolCreateInfo()
	pool = aDevice.createDescriptorPool(createInfo);


I have an allocation function which looks like this, I am allocating a uniform, image-combined sampler and a regular sampler. Though if my pool is empty this should not work?

vk::DescriptorSetAllocateInfo alloc_info[1] = {};
	alloc_info[0].pNext = NULL;

	std::vector<vk::DescriptorSet> tDescriptors;



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The CPP Vulkan API already does exception throwing when there is no successful result, and yes the debug layer is enabled. And I am sure it "works" is because of the fact my whole scene renders as usual, without any visual problems of any kind. 

Also tested it on a friend's pc. Also works perfectly fine, while it should not. I am expecting it to completely break down, but it just allocates descriptor sets. I have done a clean, rebuild on my project as well to make doubly sure I am not missing something.

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