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Do you study specific genres of gaming? Or just study everything?

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In the professional music world, a well educated producer/composer/performer/audio engineer studies everything, but specializes in certain fields. However, sometimes being a one-stop-shop (jack of all trades) is the difference between next months rent vs moving back in with your parents lol.

Do you guys find yourselves focusing on one genre of game development (horror games, city builders, first person shooters), or are you at the point where 'meh, a game is a game, its all the same me!'. I may be in the minority of people who are getting pretty bored with playing first person shooters. But I would gladly take a 1st person shooter project for the experience of helping create it.



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I would say that we specialise along different lines - code features (networking, graphics, AI), aspects of art (characters, environments, animation), etc.

It's probably not possible for most professionals to choose exactly which genres they get to work on, and although hiring will take experience into account (e.g. my last company were hoping to hire designers with first person shooter experience), holding out for a person with a specific background or for a company which specialises in your favourite genre is not always practical.

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