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R&D build Navigation network graph from octree

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Hi everyone, I'm new to learning AI pathfinding, although R&D for 3 month... so here is the problem that I had, hope there are someone can give me some advice.

I was trying to develop my Flight Agent in 3D space. and store all the obstacles reference into octree.

so I got the space & obstacle distribution represent in octree already, however I wanted to implement

1) Navigation network graph region (to define the space in region)

2) HPA* , to implement the high level path finding based on simplify network graph

the major issue : 

I know how to collect all remain space from octree node, but I didn't know how to segment the space, and build up a network graph based on it.



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Just traverse the octree from the root down to the leaves. If you traverse through a cell that is not occupied and is a leaf cell, you can create a corresponding AABB that surrounds the node and place it into your graph. Creating edges is just a matter of checking all octree neighbors and seeing which ones have vacant cells.

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thank @ApochPiQ I think I know what you mean, I also found article describe octree like this :


All neighbours of a white node cannot all be white because merging would take place and the node would not exist.

still working on the implementation, wish me luck.

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