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Hobby Projects - looking for 2D artist

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I have a team of 3 programmers and myself, game designer and 3D artist. Problem here is, we're more interested in have a 2D art style. Maybe something pixel, but not necessarily.

We're a group that's more interest in completing projects of a small scope to add to our portfolio. As such, i'm not going to promise you riches. We're looking for self-motivated artists who will get a lot of say in the visual styling of the game


The game is a rogue-like reminiscent of Binding of Isaac. A lot of the foundation for the game have already been programmed, we're looking to have the art side catch up.


feel free to leave a post on this thread, message me on this site or email me at ct_eclipse@hotmail.com

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Don't worry, TwinklyLucasK is here!

I am 13 years old and i want to join this project with u guys.

I've been doing pixel-art for almost 2 years now and learned a lot of different artstyles and tricks,...

Here are some examples of my work:




(u can ask me what style i need to use to make your characters/enviroment/...

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