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2D looking to assemble a team for a "Hobby" project

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The project consist of a 2D procedure generated DungeonCrawler game, so far the plan is to make the graphics in a pixelated style just like old SNES games, although if needed this can change sometime into the development, more details will be explained for people interested.

although this is a Hobby Project it doesn't mean that the people who work on it won't be paid for it, but don't expect too much from the get go, you'll be paid a "reasonable" ammount from the get go and once the project turns out good you'll be paid for all the work done.

I'm looking for 4 people:

A Unity developer

A 2D artist

A sound designer

A writer


Even though the game won't be story driven, it should at least have something happening in the background, so the game won't look numb.


If you're interested on it, let me know, 



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If you still need support in some fields like management, marketing, programming, quest/logic/combat designer/writer send me an e-mail with more details on the project.

E-mail: lego.game.dev@gmail.com

Best regards,


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Sounds great. I have done sfx for a few games, most noteably Jailbreak Island. PM me if you'd like to work together. 

All the best,


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hey I would be able to do some 2d pixel art if you wanted but not any animation cause I have no experience with animation but i can do pixel art so if you want to contact me add me on discord at Kurupted#1206


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