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3D Voxel Artist WANTED

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Hello everyone Arctic Game Studios is looking for Voxel artists with creation of 3D Voxel Characters.

We are an Indie game studio who is looking for one or more 3D Voxel Artists for a game we are currently developing.  There will be attacked files for some of the voxel work that has already been done and are looking for dedicated people who would like to help on a group project.

Team up with friends or other individuals with like minded goals of conquering the hardest dungeons in the the land.  Explore a beautiful hand crafted world while gathering resources for your own player operated shop or sneak up on unsuspecting individuals and kill them for THEIR resources and gear.  Your game play experience changes of the fly with classes which are determined based upon which weapon you have equipped and not from the character creation.  Pesky enemy running away?  Simply equip your bow and pepper him slowly with your arrows, or try your frost enchanted staff and slow his speed to finish him off with your flaming great sword.  


A Voxel based Action RPG (with eventual goals of turning it into an MMO).  Players will be able to explore carefully handcrafted Voxel worlds, cities, and dungeons while also given the chance to enter randomly generated dungeons for an ever changing experience and increased chances for greater loot.  Dungeons will off constant rewards from enemies killed while within it as well as an explosion of loot at the end of the dungeon if the player/players complete the dungeon.



Voxel Character

Voxel Monsters and Animals

Modular Voxel Buildings



Voxel program (MagicaVoxel is free and popular)

Passion and dedication to a project



Currently there will be no compensation but will be offering Back Pay for any work done AFTER the project is released.



If you are interested in helping us with this project either reply to this thread with some samples of your work or email 0zgabez0@gmail.com with the subject like [AGS Voxel Work] (yes include the brackets) and include some of your work.  Email will be the fastest way to contact me but is not needed.





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Hi Gabe,
I'm interested in the project, but wanted to know if there's someone in the group who can animate voxel models? I just started to work with voxels (I have some years drawing pixel art) and I really don't have time to learn make them move. But creating isn't a problem, if we can agree on the style. (I'm writing this assuming the position is till open - of course.)


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