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Converting Degrees/Radian to Vector2 is messy

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if some one could give me some tips on converting Degrees/Radians to Vector2. Degrees to Radians and vice versa is fine.

Im using "new Vector2((float)Math.Sin(r), (float)Math.Cos(r));" to do my conversion to Vector2. Yes, I get that the equation is usually [cos(r) , -sin(r)] but my equation suits my current orientation and ultimately does not affect my problem.

The problem I'm facing is the conversion of 90° and 180° into Vectors. When converting them I get:

·         90° = [1, -4.371139E-08] - second value should be 0.

·         180° = [-8.742278E-08, -1] - first value should be 0.

I understand that 180° is technically out of range, but just indulge me on that one, the main issue is 90°. What I am missing with those E-numbers? How do I avoid them?

After writing this I thought of just including a lookup table for the 90° and 180° during the conversions, maybe, I guess it would depend on their precision. Assuming I do not change my orientation this should work right?





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