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Amer Jongleur

What would you change about my main scene ?

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I'm not an artist, so my technical skills are kinda limited.
But still, don't be afraid to get technical with your comments and don't hesitate to share some tutorials or articles with me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, it's only a photoshop composition but i intend to integrate it in unity. Every advice on this process would be welcomed as well!

Thanks in advance, have a nice day!


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User interface is very busy and might be simplified if possible.  Every visual element should represent the tone of the game.  Blue colors seem too calming for the subject matter.  Wall background is too plain (flames?).

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52 minutes ago, Amer Jongleur said:

It came a long way since this post, here is the current version!

That looks good. I love how removing the slots from the lower bar improved the spacing.

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No offense, but your game looks bad -- I want you to try something which could help you make it look good. I want you to do the following (this may sound weird, but trust me on this):

Go to the website of one of the following artists:




And carefully study his/her illustrations. Then copy his art style as best as you can. Try to imagine if he would draw your game what would it look like? Draw that. Straight up copy his colors, if need be, anything to make it look good!

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To make it pop out, i originally had in mind an outer glow, to make it more christic, but there is a selected/highlight side to it that may be confusing. Plus, a drop shadow looks good to me also, i'll see which decision i make.

Zarloo, none taken. I see and understand your point and most of the art your recommanded looks pretty, i can't argue with that. But it's not really what i prefer neither what would fit the best for game i think (even if it would do the job for sure). I also personally find it a bit generic/classical/theorical, even if very beautiful.
 I'll not say i'm making the most beautiful game ever, i'm not even a game artist in the first place. But as you can see above, work, reflections and patience do improve my artworks (even if your suggested process would imply some as well, on a different scale). And that's what i'm really looking for. I managed to make it cohesive somehow, and that's a huge step for me.
I'm not afraid of having a not-visually-perfect-first-game, if it takes me 3 games before i do a slightly beautiful one, so be it. I don't want to drop/copy style-prefab on it, just to secure the quality of the visual part. I'm not looking for "anything to make it look good!".
I'm confident in my approach leading to a more unique style (even if less perfect) in the end, even if it means more struggling in the beginning.
I hope practice will lead me to control, and i like trying my own things better than copying someone who already found his formula, i'll find mine.



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You know what, I actually have a lot of respect for what you said. I totally agree with and support you! My assumption was that you needed to make a successful game right now, fast! But not everyone's situation is similar to mine, so that was wrong of me to assume. You should totally explore the visual side of games at your own pace. However, I still think it could be very helpful/insightful for you to have a broader visual "library", so here are some pretty games I know of:

Don't Starve (series)
Papers, Please
Donut County
Mark of the Ninja
The Unfinished Swan
Lumino City
Germ Scope
The Trip
Neko Atsume
Swords of Ditto
Night in the Woods
No Man's Sky
The Night Journey
Manifold Garden 
Grim Fandango

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Nothing special to be honest, but if you put some time in your drawing skill you could get better, what I like about this is - its unique! New Invention! Not just copy paste! 

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