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Why unresolved externals? (C++)

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I cannot compile my game anymore. It only happens in release build, not debug and I cannot figure it out.

I have cleaned and recompiled the project. The function in question is only mensioned in three lines:

  C:\Dropbox\PROJECT\code\epaengine\gameController.cpp(15):bool gameController::CheckConnection(std::vector<bool> & occupiedPorts)
  C:\Dropbox\PROJECT\code\epaengine\gameController.cpp(40):		CheckConnection(occupiedPorts);
  C:\Dropbox\PROJECT\code\epaengine\gameController.h(46):	bool CheckConnection(std::vector<bool> & occupiedPorts);
  Matching lines: 3    Matching files: 2    Total files searched: 59


This is the build error:

Error	3	error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _XInputGetState@8 referenced in function "public: bool __thiscall gameController::CheckConnection(class std::vector<bool,class std::allocator<bool> > &)" (?CheckConnection@gameController@@QAE_NAAV?$vector@_NV?$allocator@_N@std@@@std@@@Z)	C:\Dropbox\PROJECT\code\games\post\source\gameController.obj	zombies

What can be wrong here?
Thank you


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