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LoopWorlds - A logic puzzle game - Create your own levels!

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For iOS and Android

Go loopy for this brain-bending game of puzzles, and create your own levels too!
LoopWorlds is a game where you must collect every 'bite' in a level to complete it, in a very limited number of moves. There is usually only one possible combination which will yield victory in the number of moves given for each level, and it will not be the first one you try, and it is sometimes the last one you would ever think of.

After each stage of levels, a new type of object will be added to the game, including sliding blocks, button-activated walls and portals.

Swipe to move, and the Discoball will keep rolling until it hits something. If you run out of moves, you have lost. If you get stuck in an endless loop, you have lost. If you fall in a pit, or get stuck in a suddenly-activated wall, you have lost. However if you get crushed between two blocks, you will in fact get blown to smithereens. But hey-ho! It's all a bit of fun :):)

Once you have completed at least one level from each stage, you can download and rate levels created by other users, and create your own levels yourself! Potentially endless fun awaits :):)

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