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Top-down shooter / zombie survival. Plz try it!

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Odd i don't know why you have this problem, here is the file if its missing from your directx installation:

directx missing file

Put it in your C:\Windows\System32 folder. If that doesnt work, try putting it in the same folder as game.exe.

Anyone else? Feedback? Problems?

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Strange, others that have tested it doesn't have that problem so I'm not sure how to help you. Can you run other directx applications?

For Mac/Linux: Could i convert the project you mean? To recode everything in JAVA however will not be a viable option however, and i guess that would be needed.

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again i would love to play it, ill try it on a different pc soon.

as for java, if you can learn c++ you can learn java (use a java 2d engine). with java everything i create can run on pc,mac and linux (all the user needs is java installed), also i use opengl based engine so no directx bugs or strange stuff.

also you can convert it to corona sdk (lua) so you can port it to ios android and windows phone easily.

i have converted hole games from one language to another (some were abscure programming/scriptng languages) but the logic is the same. in fact i also used the same code structure and design pattren/ framework (aka world entity).

i dont see any problem for you unless you see it as a dead project. even in that case you can still learn new tools to cover as much platforms as you can.

"recode" copy paste and change the syntex, its not like you need to invent the hole thing from scratch(well java have no pointers).

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