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Mobile Check out "Argh! Earthlings!", a Point & Click Adventure for iOS

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Hi, Point & Click Adventure Gamers!

My name is Damian. I'm living in Germany. From the bottom of my heart I'm a software developer. And in my spare time the last 8 years I've been working on a point & click adventure game named "Argh! Earthlings!". It's available in English and German.


It's about David, a young slightly left-handed hobby astronomer, who one day accidentally shoots down an alien spacecraft. At the same moment he loses his awareness. Later he awakens in a foreign bed on a foreign farm. So David's mission is to find out what strange things are going on on the farm and help the really upset alien named "Fred" to escape from earth. While David is busy to recompense the damage, special agents are lurking everywhere, so David must also be careful not to become caught...


If you like, visit my Press Kit (english) for more details about the game. Feel free to watch the trailer to see some animated in-game footage.

I really would like to read your opinion. So, what do you think?


Besides, I'll start Android development this winter. So, keep an eye on this game! 

Project's page: arghearthlings.com



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Time passed by and the development of "Argh! Earthlings!" has continued constantly. Many bugs were busted. And now the project got another buch of very kind reviews... Thanks to all players and point and click adventure game lovers who gave "Argh! Earthlings!" a 5 star rating.

Hey Android users! I've got some great news for you. Currently I'm working on a migration to Android and other platforms using Unity3D and the Adventure Creator asset. Compared to the original development for iOS the progress at lightning speed. See yourself... 





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