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Creating card template around mechanics?

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Hi i am new here and i am currently working on a new card game TCG/CCG, i have recently finished my first card game called Minimon Fusionz and right now i am creating another game with a total different style and gameplay

so before my question ill just explain the premise of my card game

This is still work in progress

My game revolves around sending troops onto the field to attack the opposing teams each troop cards will belong in a faction which hopefully will make the game more diverse and players will able to mix n match their own deck(been done before i know but hopefully mine will be a little different)

So there are different cards that represent different things. So far there are 5 different card types

first card is called faction card (name is not set) it represents the player and the players lifepoints the different faction cards will have different abilities

the next card is the troop cards which act as a defense wall between the enemy and the players faction card, this card is the one i am having trouble with

3rd card type is the resource card or food which is needed to play troop cards. pretty self explanatory

4th is a region card type, if you are familiar with yu-gi-oh this acts like a field spell card but will only boost your troops side of the field. Example would be a region spell card called swamp, all my ogre troops will gain a attack buff or something

the 5th is a spell card which acts as attachment buff for your troops or counters for your opponent. still not sure if ill add it to the game or not

So that is basically what i have so far, so my question and problem is the troop free CSGO gloves template, i have no idea what to put on the card or how it should work, i want the basic attack and hp bar but other then that i am stumped. I planned on having another bar which lets call it boneclub attack which adds an effect to the monster when it attacks, still not sure if it will go well with the mechanics of the game or not but i dont know what else to add. I was planning to have the spell cards act as the monsters ability when it is attached to it, but not sure if having the effect text on the spell card and monster card is needed, maybe have the attack name on the monster card only and the effect of the attack on the spell card i dunno.

Also if this game is about faction wars and each troop belongs to a faction, how could i work the region cards around it

Example all ogre, orcs and goblins will belong to the ogre faction and their natural habitat will be a swamp so the swamp card will work with it but the problem i have some ogres and orcs that wont belong to the swamp as i will have ice orcs or fire orcs which will belong to a snow region or volcano region so the swamp wont work with them. You wont be able to play orcs and ogres if your faction is fire element faction or ice element faction but some ogres and orcs will be fire and ice. so how will i work around that?

Or i could join the region and faction card together and just make the region the players lifepoint card

Sorry for the dumb questions and long texts, i just want this game to be as good as it can be unlike my last game, although fun for me i dont think it will appeal to most people. This game hopefully adds more strategic moves


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The example card images in your post are fine for a prototype. Pick the easiest one to draw, add and remove lines and markings as stats and attributes come and go, and worry about graphics only after playtesting fixes the game rules and the card ontology they rely on.

For example, you might find out that the bone club attack is a good fit only for certain troops and others should have nothing, or a special attack that works differently, or up to N different special attacks; only after determining all the variants of this sort of thing you'll be able to consider what graphics for them look good and are easy to read and distinguish.

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5 hours ago, kubisztal said:

my question and problem is the troop card template, i have no idea what to put on the card or how it should work, i want the basic attack and hp bar but other then that i am stumped.

If your design doesn't need anything other than that, then that's all your cards need. The info or stats you put on your cards is entirely dependent on your game's design.

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Once you start programming the cards you will know what you need. A card is just the visual representation of your card class, as an example:

public class CardTemplate{
  public Sprite Card	{ get; set; }
  public Sprite Image 	{ get; set; }
  public Sprite TextBox { get; set; }
  public string Name 	{ get; set; }
  public string Type 	{ get; set; }
  public string Text 	{ get; set; }
  public int    Cost    { get; set; }
  public int    Attack  { get; set; }
  public int    Health  { get; set; }

So for each value set we would have to display it for the player on the card. During programming you will change the code and classes and this will change what the card needs to display.

Use what you have for now and then later you can design a card using what your game needs.

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