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2D Making 2D simple games (Zelda for example)

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Hi, I'm 100% new on the market of game development and I wanna make a simple pixel graphic 2D game. Well, I need some advices and tips, like wich language is better to use, good tutorial and teaching (preferably for free) sites. I'm really exited about making a game and hope you could help me. Thanks.

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A good place to start for tutorials would be Youtube. One such tutorial I am currently working from uses Java, the instructors pace is moderate, so really gives you a chance to keep up to speed with bite-sized tutorial. The requirement is that you have *some* basic Java knowledge.

I won't go too much into Java, as it is heavily documented and summarised around the web, and in places on this website. I'll just say that Java is a very high-level language that takes away the headache of memory management, which a language like C++ imposes (though it is easier now with things like smart-pointers). It also compiles once and is usable on any platform: Linux, Windows etc.

Tutorials here: 

" rel="external">

Another option specifically tailored to beginner games programming is Unity, though I've not had any experience with it.

Good luck!


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You may want to reassess your ideas of what simple games are. Zelda is not a simple game, and you may not want to start with anything like it.

That said, you're going to need tools for whatever you start, and you probably want to start with tools that you can stick with indefinitely so that you can master your workflow. I highly recommend Godot for your dev environment, but it's tough to transition to once you're used to doing things in other ways, so it has its share of detractors. Mono is pretty super as well, and has the side effect of being able to use the tons of XNA code and resources out there. For art, find a slightly older copy of Photoshop (something you can probably find relatively cheaply and for which there are thousands of tutorials), and a low-end Wacom tablet. Do pretty much whatever you like for sound and music; there are a lot of free resources out there, or a lot of ways to make it all yourself.

Good luck!

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51 minutes ago, Alpha_ProgDes said:


Signatures are disabled by default. You having a signature doesn't mean others can see it; they need to enable signatures on their own to see them.

The fact that they already have a signature doesn't mean anything either -- it is likely copied from the old forum system.

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6 hours ago, Alpha_ProgDes said:

See the first link in my signature.

@Alpha_ProgDes Correct me if I'm wrong, but in that link you suggest a list of games to do as practice, not link to resources and learning material. I am under the impression that the OP is 100% new to game development and needs links to good tutorials in order to at least get going :)


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On 10/7/2017 at 8:36 PM, MarcusAseth said:

@Alpha_ProgDes Correct me if I'm wrong, but in that link you suggest a list of games to do as practice, not link to resources and learning material. I am under the impression that the OP is 100% new to game development and needs links to good tutorials in order to at least get going


The link is indeed a general guideline of projects to undertake while developing ones skill set in game development. The problem with recommending the "best tool" or any tool in game development, is that there are many options.


I don't get involved in debating which language is "better" because I know so many, and truthfully they all can create 2D games like Zelda in most of those languages. If someone is looking for easier, it would be better to start either with a scripting language like Python with PyGame, or a high level language like C# using Mono. 

I usually recommend tools like GameMaker If someone is 100% new to game development with no coding experience. They can start creating games right away while they learn to code on the side, and slowly transition into game programming if they desire.

Again, if the OP suggests at least a language he or she is interested in, we can direct more learning resources.

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Xeddy is your main goal to make a game (as in you have a game idea you'd like to see realized)? or are you more interested in the mechanics of making games? (as in you want to become a programmer for a game company)

If you have an idea you'd like to see realized and you plan on sticking to 2d or simple 3d then I would suggest you take a serious look at gamemaker studio 2.  If being free is requirement then you can try godot.

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