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Advice should I use EntityComponentSystem ?

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Hi its me agian :)

Does it make sense to use Entity Component System for a 3d top-down rpg (diablo style) game ? if not, is there a more recent way of organizing game objects ? 

As I am programming in rust, ECS seems a better aproach as I am not able to represent objects as classes in rust.

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From my perspective, the type of game should not a basis on the game object model that you are using.

There are games that have used the game object model , there are games that use the entity component model , and there are games that use the ecs model , i'm fairly sure that the overwatch game engine is the only AAA engine that uses it, but I could be wrong. If you want to use ECS , then use it, if you don't, then don't. For my personal uses , I've found that ECS has too many limitations and the cache coherency benefits does not outway these limitations. I am using the entity component model.

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