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Aleron's Lie - Story/Dialogue-Driven Drama Mystery Game

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Website: https://risinglanegames.com

"Aleron's Lie" is a Drama set in a Cabin in Montana, where you're locked up while your daughter's life is on the line and the only person you can talk to via smartphone claims to be in a similar situation.


It's difficult to say more than this since this is a Story-Driven game and we don't want to give anything away too early but we hope this aroused some interest and maybe you want to stay up to date? Newsletter



"At RisingLane we believe in Simple Plot; Complex Characters".

Do you agree? Let's discuss it!

And if you really want more information you can find them in our Blog Post! In December you will get a free demo and our Kickstarter Campaign will launch!                                                 

Ahmet Koctar
Founder, CEO, Director, Writer, Designer
p: 015737145284
w: risinglanegames.com e: a.koctar@t-online.de

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