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This isn't an ad. I'm looking for help.
(I guess it's an ad for help)
This game is being developed by my wife @BreViolets and I @Yotingo. We want to make something unique but don't have a lot of resources. It takes a lot of time to test things that have never been done. Please help us with testing and suggestions so we can create something exciting together!
- Glen is the only living thing on the mountain but he's not alone.
- Glen's dead wife is still with him.
- The spirits are angry.
Reflexes, wit, and a tempo of terror will be required to survive.
Can Glen be back in time for dinner? 
A delicious blend of zesty action and hearty tactics. Lightly sprinkled with morbid comedy and a hint of rhythm. Pairs beautifully with a bottle of dry masochism.
It's All About Perspective...
You can switch perspective at anytime* with the press of a button.
*Okay, almost anytime.
In First Person you see the world as Glen does. 
Things aren't quite so scary, the world is beautiful, and his wife is alive. 
He's a slick dude who can fight back and kick butt!
In Third Person you see what's really happening. 
Unglued Glen only has an imaginary finger pistol, his wife is very dead, and the angry spirits are all around him. 
The good news is that you can mark specific enemies for Glen to shoot in his mind (First-Person)
What About Rhythm?
Each enemy shot will sound a beat in response to your action. 
Some enemies are a kick, others might be a snare, or hi-hat. 
Shooting before you hear the beat will result in a reload.
Let's Multiply!
Every successful hit will increase the size of your cross-hair and damage everything hit within.
Once Upon a Time...
A traumatic event claimed the lives of Glen's family. Unfortunately he isn't prepared to let them go, literally. 
In Glen's mind, everyone is alive and well so he treats them as such. As you can imagine, this can get awkward at times. 
Did we mention this is a dark-comedy?
Get Started!
Here's the download key:
System Requirements: This is something we would like to learn from testing actually. Windows only for now.
Feedback Requested: We are looking for any and all feedback. If you have a thought, we'd like to know about it. Specifically, anything related to combat mechanics would be most helpful!
We need you internet, you're our only hope.
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