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Game Audio Survey Results

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The GameSoundCon Industry Survey results for 2017 have been posted.


Among the findings:
Average Salary (employee): $69,848
Women game composers and sound designers are up to 12.7% of the industry
Up from 10.4% in 2016 and 7% in 2015
1 in 6 salaried employees also earn freelance income on the side
Average 'side' income: $15,604
72% of game composers also deliver SFX
Freelancers have lower average incomes, but also have the highest incomes
The most common "per minute" rates for composition:
$100/minute (indie)
$1,250/minute (professional)
74% of game audio professionals have a Bachelor's degree or higher
Median game audio first-year salary: $33,276

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