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Drones Avaliable!

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Hello, my name is Marcin and I am still a very young programmer aspiring to be an indie game developer. Together with my classmate Krystian, a great artist, after many months of learning, we have been able to fulfill our great dream. Dream of almost every player to create his own little masterpiece. So after many attempts we have been able to show the world what we have been working on for so long. We still go to school, we still collect valuable experience and we want to improve our game. However, we need support. We need opinion of real players and more experienced people. We will be grateful for any response.

Google Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SevenArmOctopus.Drones&ah=I6ixLsGyWBqlxZdFnu0fGbrVPmA&hl=pl

We greet and thank you for any help.







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