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[Royalty] Animator needed for Survival Horror Game

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Hello Everyone!

I'm Peter, leader of DeppreSick Team that is a small game dev team with 3 members and We are working on our first Unreal Engine 4, Classic Survival Horror title: Remorse: The List. (greenlit)

We are looking for an animator who can make fps weapon and enemy animations for the game. The project is in a pretty advanced state so We already have proper gameplay with enemies, puzzles and inventory system.

You can check our greenlight trailer 

" style="border:0px;color:#2379b5;font-size:13px;padding:0px;vertical-align:baseline;" rel="external">HERE and the indiedb site of the game HERE

If You're interested in our project plase drop me a message here, add me on skype (bodylool), or send an e-mail to dracorian88 at gmail dot com.

(We need reliable members only so it's a great plus if You already have a job or lot of time because of school, etc)

Thank You.

And finally some pictures from the game:








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