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[Revenue Share] 2D Artist wanted

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My name's Max.
I'm a member of a small indie dev team called DeBy Games. Currently we are 3 people. One composer and sound designer, one graphic artist and one programmer.
We want do start on a new game but our graphic artist doesn't have much time so we need a second one. This does of course not mean you're a replacement. You will have the rights like every other member, for example you have the right to decide on several details of the game besides the design. But let's come to the game itself.

The concept is not fully finished yet but the basic is following:
It's a movie studio tycoon game. The idea came up while playing the game Game Dev Tycoon from Greenheart Games, so it kind of is inspired by it.
You start as a small photographer in a small studio where you can make contracts like photo shootings of models for magazines or provide your help as a cameraman at bigger companys. If the player has enough money he can upgrade the studio or move into a complete new one. Each new studio comes with new features. There will be several stages where the final stage will be a expandable movie studios where you can make your own movies, hire actors, script writers and more.
Keep an eye on current trends or try to create your own.
But not only the production will be a task but the sales too. What happens if you produce more DVDs than your fans will buy? You'll have to remove them from a store which doesn't cost you anything but of course you won't earn anything eather.
If you're interested please contact us.

100% of the budget we have is provided from my salary as a software developer. Because of that we're currently not able to pay a monthly salary. But you'll get a fair revenue share.

The game will be completely in 2D so no 3D skills are required. Though we want something like the style of Game Dev Tycoon which looks like 3D.

Besides skills with 2D graphics and illustrations you are required to:
- Actively communicate with us. (No Voice chat. We're using Slack)
This means check at least once a day the messages.

- Be able to work in a team.
This means respecting other people (Origin, Race, Religion, etc.).
You are encouraged to provide your opinion on everything you want
and are asked to respect the opinions of other.

- Be kind.
We don't need any royal people with a noble mouthwork. Of course we
all make jokes but try to understand if someone feels offended and
don't push it if it's not necessary.


If you're interested please send me a mail at If you have a portfolio or something similiar please provide it too.

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