Mobile Stacky Block - a block stacking arcade game

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Game can be played here:

This is my first game I’ve ever put on the app store and it is called Stacky Block. I'm a noob at gamedev, so the game is very simple, tap to drop blocks at precise moments and try to stack the highest tower you can. A game that inspired me was the arcade game Stacker. I wanted to capture the feeling of arcade games through the quick reaction speed and the randomness of the blocks. I programmed this in java using the game framework libgdx. For me making this game was pretty challenging, it took me probably a month to finish It was a lot of procrastination and frustration but i'm glad i stuck through because finishing the game was a great feeling. I made this game mainly to learn the process of gamedev, so If you have any advice, critique, or questions feel free to PM me.




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