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alexandros titonis

3D MMO Survival - Unity

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We are a team creating a 3d MMO Survival game with Unity3D.

We are in need of:

1-2 Programmers

2-3 3D Modellers

1 Level Designer

1 Sound Editor

1 Concept Artist

1 Game Designer


More Info About The Game: The game will be happening in the future after a nuclear war, where everything will be detroyd the players will start with nothing except a starter pack (a knife which wont last for much time, a flashlight and some corps) then the players (100-200 max per map) will have to survive, the game will be endless, unless all the players die! In every map there will be a game master or 2 (if there are 100 players or 200 max for the map). There will be many maps created and every instance will be hosted by us!

It will be an indie game so no payments will be set till the KickStart!

For more info send an email at: alextitonis@gmail.com

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How many members does the team already have ?

Why do you need both a game-designer and level-designer ?

Will there be tools for level-design ?

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I was wondering how the level-designer was going to make the his ideas come alive in the game.


If i may make a suggestion, since it seems you're gathering quite a largish team with no experience and trouble with the english language:

1) create a thread to talk about your idea(s) and get a general grasp what would be needed for it and improve your communication,

(communication = understanding in a team)

2)join a team finishing a game just to get some general experience, also flesh out what you would be doing in a team.

3)create a (core-)team around you that has the same (general)goal as you around you before you start outright recruiting to create/finish a game;

let this core-team decide what the game is going to be.

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