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Seeking a composer for a percussive dynamic soundtrack

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Hi there

I'm working on a game where music is a key part of the experience and am looking for a collaborator.

It's a driving game where the player must journey across a city at night to deliver a package in under an hour. It's essentially a time limited adventure taking place in a single night with short cuts, alternate paths and a story told through dialogue over the phone while the player is playing. 

It has elements that are most comparable to rhythm action games like Amplitude. The player begins at the slowest of four speeds and as they drive well they build a meter which once full, allows them to jump to the next speed. Doing so increases the colour and movement of the city and adds new layers and instruments to the soundtrack.

I've struggled to find music that is along the lines of what I'm hoping to create. This track comes the closest to what is in my head: 

" rel="external" style="color:#0079d3;">

I'd be open to ideas you might have though.

If you're interested in collaborating on the music and/or audio for a really unique title in progress I'd love to hear from you.



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I'd love to help out but at the moment, I do not have a track that sounds similar to what you're requesting... My music usually is a bit more futuristic and has a lot of "louder" musical references (think rock and metal) but I also have some more ambient and EDM material.

Currently I have about 90 tracks on SoundCloud and almost all of them can be used by anyone (I use the Creative Commons Attribution license) but I also do custom work. Some of my music has already been used in games, for example in the game STANDBY that can be found on Steam.

If there's anything you like, you can use it. Or I could of course make something just for you.

My SoundCloud-page: 



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