How To Make a Video Game Press Kit?

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I was researching marketing strategies employed by the gaming industry when I came across something called a "press kit". If anyone on this forum has experience with them, could you enlighten me on a few questions? First off, should my press kit be a physical kit, digital kit, or both? Second, should a press kit be accessible to everyone (via an easily findable url) or should I only send a press kit to an intended recipient? As always I appreciate any replies, and you guys are awesome.

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If you put the effort into making one there's not much point in hiding it; you may as well make a public link to it on your site.

It should be digital. Unless maybe you're meeting someone in person, in which case you could give them a single page print that also includes a link to the digital files. 

What constitutes "the press" is quite different to what it was a decade ago to... e.g. Getting covered by a major streamer is about the best thing that can happen, and getting covered by a physical magazine is nearly useless... You want to make it as easy as possible for these people to get their hands on a few well written paragraphs and high quality screenshots and videos. 

If you haven't come across it, lots of people use to help create clear/clean press kits.

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