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Frame update accumulator and input events

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How do you ensure that you update at least once in a game loop like this - so you dont miss a mouse event you captured before?

Or is it better to handle input separately - before this update loop?

frameAccumulator = Clamp(frameAccumulator, 0.0, 0.5);
while (frameAccumulator >= targetDeltaTime) {
	game->Update(*renderer, *currentInput);
	frameAccumulator -= targetDeltaTime;

// Rendering...

// Frame ends
f64 frameEndTime = GetHighResolutionTimeInSeconds();
f64 frameDuration = frameEndTime - lastTime;
frameAccumulator += frameDuration;
lastTime = frameEndTime;


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Never mind, i fixed my issue with missing some input events - even though i handle input in the Update() method of the game class.

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