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Compile error with AS_DEPRECATED

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Hello, I am trying to upgrade AngelScript in a game engine and had a compile error when AS_DEPRECATED is set:

../../source/as_scriptengine.cpp: In member function 'virtual bool asCScriptEngine::IsHandleCompatibleWithObject(void*, int, int) const':
../../source/as_scriptengine.cpp:5346:53: error: 'asCObjectType* asCScriptObject::objType' is protected within this context
   asCObjectType *objType = ((asCScriptObject*)obj)->objType;
In file included from ../../source/as_scriptengine.cpp:51:0:
../../source/as_scriptobject.h:132:20: note: declared protected here
  asCObjectType    *objType;

I am using the revision 2414 from SVN. A hacky workaround is to add `friend class asCScriptEngine;` in asCObjectType.
It would be great if it was fixed. Thanks in advance

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