Looking for someone to make concept art for game

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We are a new game dev team that currently consists of 8 members. We need a concept artist. If you ever have thought about having your work seen in a game, this is your chance.

This project's goal is not making money. We're trying to get experience on the game development field and have an overall better portfolio. Of course, if we do a decent job and the game proves itself good enough to be sold, the profit is going to be shared among the team members.

We want concepts for characters, enemies and weapons. You don't have to prioritize this project. Take your time, but make sure to have something new whenever you can.

We're working with a specific art style, but you don't need to have experience on it. Any details, just contact me. If you know someone who would agree on working with us, please make sure to talk to this person about it.


email: dealer.esports98@gmail.com
discord: Berzerkker #7783

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