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Robot A.I Maker

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Robot Artificial Intelligence Maker:

This software allows you to create your very own talking artificial intelligence in very easy steps. You first create the robot by giving it a name and then you teach it by asking it questions and telling it how to respond. Once you've trained your robot you can share it with others who have this software as they import and converse with it. This can be aimed at younger people or older as it's a complex and as robust as you make it. The trick to making your A.I seem intelligent is by trying to prepare for every scenario (you'll see what I'm referring to with the built in tutorial) and what's cool is, you can give it a personality and make it your own. It could be sarcastic, sexy, funny, a movie character whatever you want! so download it now and enjoy, and as always.


Screen shots, videos and download link on official page here

There is also an A.I whitepaper I made if you wish to read that here

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