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# [hobby] Open Source sci-fi fps puzzle-platformer looking for C++ developer

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GlPortal is a free and open source first person 3D puzzle-platformer written in C++ using modern OpenGL and SDL2.
It is mainly a teleportation based puzzle game and platformer. But we have already integrated a physics engine and
are planning for some physics based puzzles.

- Tasks from beginner to expert level
- Focus on 2D, 3D, gameplay, sound, physics or logic
- Contributing is as easy as fork, compile and push

**Stuck? We help you develop your skills. Contact us on reddit, gitter or irc!**

## Benefits

- Pressure-free environment
- Space for creativity
- Learn with and from your peers

## More Information
Get more information about GlPortal at and
See a video at or go to youtube and search for glportal.

## Contact
- **IRC** #glportal on freenode or webchat on 
- **Reddit**
- **Gitter**

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