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The process I'm using to practice better.

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For those of you who are new to this forum, and to game development in general, I'm making this to show you the practice process world-class people use to master anything.

We all know of the importance of practice. But there's a kind of practice that brings full mastery, and it's called Deliberate Practice. Most people have this habit of always looking for the easy way out.

They want a shortcut, the way to get successful the fastest, not realizing that some things, like mastery doesn't come nice and easy. It come with hard work and persistence, not instant gratification.

What is deliberate practice? Basically repeating an action 10, 100, 1000, even 10000 times, while getting just a little better at it each time. What happens most often is that what those people are capable to do seems like magic after so much focused practice.

Let's say that a guy named Bill wants to become a better writer. What can Bill do? Just writing from time to time will improve him very little, even over the course of years and decades. But if he finds 3 aspects to improve in his writing, and very carefully practices each of those, he will start noticing how better he is, even in just a few weeks.

Here's the process I, Bill and everyone can use to get better at one gamedev aspect of choice:

  1. Break down the overall process into 3 smaller aspects that you can improve on: (basically what I just said above)
    • So for game writing, it would be somewhere along the lines of: starting to write 2 pages per day of whatever comes to his mind. Imagine how powerful that is long-term! After one year, he would have basically written 600 pages, the size of a few books...
    • He could participate in a game jam where he's forced to come up with a story in a very short time. A few of those per year will make you a killer writer, not just fast!
    • He could also start practicing his wording: Is he saying too many unnecessary words? Could he have simplified the text by cutting out irrelevant stuff? Could he make shorter dialog lines or more focused paragraphs? Each of these can be focused on and practiced a lot!
  2. Identify your current weakness. Before you go ahead and practice, first find out what's your weak point to know where you should practice to improve.
  3. Test new strategies for each part. When something  you're doing doesn't seem to work after a few weeks, you can try to change your strategy, to find what actually brings better results, and it's often the case that thing is exactly the opposite of what you're currently doing!

That's the whole process. Well, there's also step 4. Repeat!

That's basically everything! I've also got

" rel="external">a few tips to get higher chances of success while practicing, so feel free to check those out. Thanks for reading this, and good luck mastering game development!

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