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D Gyani

Deserted Island: A Quest For Survival

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Hey everyone! Please checkout this game below:

Youtube Demo Video

" rel="external">

Link To Google Play Store

Link to Apple App Store

Deserted Island: A Quest For Survival is a FREE survival and strategy game, where you have one objective: survive the island your plane crashed onto, repair the broken radio and call for rescue. You need to gather various resources like pine logs, lime stone etc., cook your own food, craft rudimentary weapons, nails, screws, bolts to repair the radio.

Wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold all work against you. With a limited supply of guns, simply shooting the animals is not an option. Your world has turned upside down, you need your wits about you, decide crafting which weapon will help you stay alive longest. Ofcorse if you are a vegan, you can grow your own pumpkin farm, forage berries and cook them


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Hey D Gayni,

Interesting game, I myself are into survival games and looks like it would be a lot of fun. Did you make this game in Unity or some other game engine?



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Hey Anthony, Unity all the way :)  

Do post back link to any games u have developed, and any tips on how to promote these game

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Good job i am a big unity fan myself, Although the game that we are developing is in Game Maker I find both engines to be very good for what they were made for!

Feel free to leave some feedback on our game ROY, its currently in Beta. If you don't like some things or do like somethings about it let me know!

Here is a dev video i made for our game, Its not the best but it was my first one haha :)  


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