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Onyeka Morka

Best way to create terrain/assets for 3D JRPG?

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19 hours ago, Onyeka Morka said:

Are there any places I can get assets similar to this or any guides that can show me how to make my own?

There will be places you can get assets like this, the downside will be that you won't get all the art you need for a game this size.

Creating art like this will take a few months to learn and you won't find a tutorial teaching you from point A to B; you will need to piece things together yourself. You will need to learn 3D modeling basics, character design and digital painting.

Blender is a great tool to start with and to see if you even want to try learning 3D modeling.

18 hours ago, Onyeka Morka said:

Would World Machine alone help me make the terrain with similar textures or would I need another program to do so?

Like I said in the other post. World machine will provide you with a mesh or a height map, a blueprint for starting your final terrain. You will need to hand paint the textures and correct the map by hand.


What your aiming for isn't a complex style, it won't take as long to learn as realistic art. Hiring a artist to do this for you also won't be that expensive.

I recommend using placeholder art, then when your game is at least half way done you should look into hiring a artist.

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17 hours ago, Onyeka Morka said:

I'm looking at assets similar to the Tales of Series (...) Are there any places I can get assets similar to this?

I would categorise that Tales of Vesperia style as "low poly hand-painted".

Everything you do with a graphics tablet is technically "hand-painted", but when people use this term they usually mean a model that is textured with only a diffuse \ albedo texture that was painted using mostly noiseless brushes, such as a hard round brush, and little to no post-processing or filtering. It has a specific stylised clean look.

It's a very popular style and you can find plenty of stuff (on how to create your own assets) on Pinterest (you need a free account to see everything),

" rel="external">Youtube etc.

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