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Learning Making my First game

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Hello, My name Is pillowdo, so I have alot of question but let me first tell you what I'm aiming for.

1) Making a game Becouse I have ALOT of free time I want to make use to

2) programming is one of those things I really wanted to learn 

3) I'm not excpecting anyone to even download my game even if it was good so this isn't aiming for the money

4) so If I'm not here for the money and just to learn programming then why make a game? insted just learn the language Right? not really I want to make a game for experince too, so if I decided to make a nother game, Then I would know what I'm doing and it would be alot more easier and I would know the amont of work and money it would take, so Experience is another reason


Things I don't excpect 

1) Money, I know this will probebly make nothing but I'm not here for it

2)Time, I don't excpect this to be easy or short, most good indie games take a long time, Like the famous game stardew valley, it took the developer 4 years and each day around 10 hours =14,000+ hours, he had a part time job too               

3)Good Game, I know its not possible to make a game as good as GTA5, WoW, God of War, Halo ...etc They take YEARS to make even with hundereds of Artiest and developers but it IS  possible to make a game Like stardew valley if you really put Some Hard work and ALOT of time into it 

(you Might have relised I keep talking about stardew valley, I won't make a game on the same idea I will be original but The game really insperies me, as well as alot of other games but SV must be one of the most)


(EDIT: I forgot to mension this, I'm going for a 2D art style. it makes BIG diffrence in PL & The Engine so I thought I'd say that)

The questions:

1) The Programming Language, There are so many Languages and people say "Its a preferance and there isn't much difference" but I want to make sure about that point, + It also depends on what engine your going to be using which brings me to the second point 

2) Engine so I've seen ALOT of Engines and it mostly goes down to The price but I don't think that's a issue I can download it for free Online and get The Original if my first game can over it ( considering I make something) 

3)Art style so I'm reaaaaaly confused on this point and I know there are So mannnyyyy kinds of art style but let me tell you what I'm looking for

a) I like art styles like , Warcraft 3, stardew valley Maybe, FATE And  GraalOnline classic it dosn't have to be the same but atleast something around that style that I enjoy looking at

b) I Will go for a 2D style game, like Stardew valley and Graal Online classic, 

c) I know there are websites that give you there drawings and art and everything but you have to credit them in your game, I want to make everything and all the credit by myself and Maybe one of my relatives will join me IF I understand how this works and find him a role he Might Like (Like art for example ) 


Important Note:  I don't mind If the game takes 4-5 years of development, as long as I find passion and enjoyment then It will really pushs my limits to the max 




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I would recommend using Unity. It has a massive community and good documentation/tutorials. It's accessible to beginners while being good enough for pros. You'll learn a lot using it.

Your enthusiasm is great. One thing to remember is that your first game isn't going to be good, even if you manage to spend 4 years on it! You start out by first making simple games that take weeks and slowly work your way up to making complex games that take years. Good luck and have fun :)

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An article that is often helpful to get some initial answers below.

I agree with yyam, start small, probably smaller than you're thinking now. Programming expands very quickly to the point of overwhelming, so better err on the too-small side :)



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