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[Team] LM Team - Mega Man Y+1 [Seeking Unity C# Programmer(s)]

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I'm the co-director of LM Team, a 7-member team currently constructing a fangame based upon the Mega Man series. We've been working for about 2 years now, and both of our current programmers are busy for the next 6 months or so. Because of this, we're currently looking for a programmer (or more) to take care of gameplay and animation programming. We already have a base system in place that may optionally be built upon. This will be a hobby project to invest your free time in, not a gamedev gig.

We're currently about 67% done with the OST, 75% done with the design work, and 33% done with the graphical work. As such, the specifications of what we need should remain pretty stagnant from now on.

Here's some links of our team's work, to give you an idea of what we're currently capable of achieving:

Actual Y+1 Stuff:

- Current public playlist of music

" rel="external">Old footage of the first boss of the game, since been altered slightly based on feedback
- Mockups

m9m (director, composer):

" rel="external">Grand Dad Reboot - Ominous Cavern
" rel="external">Lands of Onlup
" rel="external">Mega Man Revolution Remix - Wily 2

MrKyurem (co-director, main designer, me):


" rel="external">Boil Man - 10th place in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Contest

NaOH (programmer [not programmer who is currently working on the engine]):

- Programmer for Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Contest's release game (did co-op mode and leaderboard functionality)
- 15 years of programming experience
- Castlevania 3 controls romhack
- GML code beautifier
- Beat-Em-Up engine

Alm (artist):
- Cutscene for a personal project
- Tileset for Boil Man's stage in MaGMML2
- Concept sprite

Valo (artist):

- Jungle Man tileset in Mega Man SD
- Boxart for Mega Man SD
- Wily sprite

Karakato (artist):

- Robot Masters in BCA
- Idol Woman
- Stage Select for separate project

Deathro (composer):


" rel="external">Through the Eye of a Prism - 2nd place in Famicompo 2015's Original category
" rel="external">Mega Man SFR - Wily 2
" rel="external">Geno Force - Silent Breeze


If you're interested in joining, I'd recommend signing up to Discord, as we almost exclusively communicate through this.

Discord Tags:


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