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Java Where can I learn java 3d professional game development with OpenGL lwjgl

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I want to make professional java 3d game with server program and database,packet handling for multiplayer and client-server communicating,maps rendering,models,and stuffs Which aspect of java can I learn and where can I learn java Lwjgl OpenGL rendering Like minecraft and world of tanks

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Become filthy rich, and hire a thousand developers for a few years would do the trick.

If it's just you and you have no money, and no knowledge of all the things you want to use, it's about a decade of work to get this at professional level, which gets you in the position that you understand how to build such a thing.

By then however, you fully realize I wasn't joking about becoming filthy rich and hiring a thousand developers for a few years. The MMOs of the world really have budgets of millions of dollars and years of work by a zillion persons. You'll never get there on your own.


If you, despite this setback, are still interested in learning to program, I'd recommend to learn the entire Java language, and make many small games, starting with something simple like Pong. Then move on to more complicated stuff like Tetris or Space Invaders. From there you can do Pac man or a platform game. After that, you more or less understand how Java works in basic games, and can move on to other stuff (though other 'stuff' than what you intended in your question, I think).

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Ok. I don't write games in Java, but I know of two Java libraries that are listed in this forum quite often. One is LWJGL  https://www.lwjgl.org/ which you already mentioned.

The other one is LibGDX https://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/

The simplest way to get started is to do the tutorials of these libraries so you can get an idea of how they work.


If you don't insist on using Java, then C# with Unity might be interesting too. C# isn't that far from Java, and Unity is a much larger framework, which means you have to write less code for doing the basic things. (However, also with C# and Unity I have no experience.)

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