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    • By Kai Keeper
      I finished this game a while ago, now I'm trying to make an introduction video before I put it on Steam, looking for feedback.
      I have already got some feedback from other people, and this is what they felt or some of the things I think the video doesn't do a good job: 1. I don't understand the core concept of the game. I think another video that explains the core concept of this game would be better.
      2. I feel that the video was too long, it showed way too many features.
      If you feel the same way, please let me know. If you have any other suggestions/feedback please don't hold back.
    • By abarnes
      Hello All!
      I am currently pursuing a degree in video game programming, so far I have completed an intro to programming course and object oriented programming course. Both were taught using C++ as the programming langauge which I know is very popular for game development, but in these classes we do not actually do any game development. I would like to start to build my skills with C++ for game development as that is a common required thing for a job and am looking for ways to do this. Any recommendations such as books to read or youtube videos to watch will be greatly appreciated!
    • By vividgamer
      I have a native iOS game (objective c, XCode build) which I am considering to port to other platforms.
      Core gameplay is based on solely on geographical maps, and custom drawing over maps. It also has Core Data. This part is complete in development.
      What is not done yet is: monetization, gamification (leaderboards, challenges) and multiplayer functionality.
      As I think more about it, I am tempted to think if this is the right time to move to a cross platform tool such as Unity. But before dedicating time to port my 5 years side-project effort in Objective C, I really want to know if its worth it.
      - Does Unity support such plugins / assets that will fulfill all my above requirements?
      - Unity Personal seems to have only 20 concurrent users - is it too costly scaling if I decide for extending to web and android platforms?
      - What is the general workflow involved in publishing to iOS, Android, PC, and web platforms while using Unity? I mean to ask about various points of signing stuff, paying fees and getting certified.
      - How long will it really take to port my entire Objective C project into Unity? I am somewhat familiar with C# but I am finding it hard fidgeting with Unity IDE as lot of things are focused around FPS and 3D while my game is still 2d - not much action involved. I seem bit overwhelmed by the list of features I see there. All in all, I do not want to lose my momentum while still making sure its portable to everywhere.
      - Any assets I could use (for free to try basis in debug) that are relevant for my game?
      - Last but not the least, are there any costs that I need to be paying upfront to Unity, for using it (apart from their monthly subscription model)? I don't understand their costing for multiplayer in conjunction with their subscription fees - if someone could kindly elaborate.
      Thanks in advance for your time reading a newbie
    • By AlphaWolfKing
      Hi everyone, as summer approaches and the college semester comes close to ending. I want some books or resources you would reccomend to a beginner video game programmer.
      On a side note, what are the important calculus topics that are applied to programming video games?
    • By FFA702
      I've been working on a small 3D game maker app for a while, but it's now shaping up to be a full fledged (albeit simple) all integrated 3d engine. I think it's promising in the sense that I've built the App I would want to use, and I can see people (mainly beginners) using it for a lot of applications. It has no name yet. I don't plan on making it open source or selling it. I'm just considering setting up a small website with some documentation and a download link. 
      What kind of license would I join with the tool given that:
      I want people to be able to use it freely
      I want to be completely free of responsibility
      I want to prevent people from removing, let's say (hypothetically, not sure how I'd go about this yet), a small banner advertising my software at startup from the application the software would produce
      The tool was developed in visual studio community 2017, using C# and a single external library, openTK
      Is there anything else I should think about ? Perhaps when naming it ?
      EDIT: Also, what about, let's say, a logo, or a design pattern (Artistically speaking) I would use throughout the program and the documentation to make it easily recognizable. How would I go about protecting that ?
      Thanks guys
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How do I best present my concept to a bunch of business people?

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So I seem to have landed a chance to make a brief presentation of my work to some private investor people. I have presented things to technical and creative people before, but never to a bunch of "suits". They already seem a bit interested (or I would never have gotten the chance to present it), but I would love to hear from anyone with experience or just some ideas on how best to do it. What do I focus on? What should I avoid? Flash or statistics? Technology or return on investment? Any advice is gratefully accepted!!

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Congrats! :)

Take a read through "12 Tricks to Selling Your Ideas, Your Game & Yourself."


I would try to detail your idea concisely in just a minute or two, and then move on and spend more detail on how you plan to make it a reality and bring the product to market. If these people are potential investors they're likely going to be interested in a business plan.  This should cover return on investment (or at least profitability), along with a brief summary of your competitors, whatever unique edge your proposal has, and how you plan to market and sell the product.

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summarize all you have written in your blogs. I mean the blogs played a large part in this so they will be expecting you to do something along the lines of the blog.

Great news about your success!

Edited by Scouting Ninja

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4 hours ago, Embassy of Time said:

Flash or statistics?


4 hours ago, Embassy of Time said:

Technology or return on investment?

It should be obvious which one of those investors are more interested in. If the technology is uniquely central to your business concept and can be explained briefly in ways that non-technical people can easily understand without needing to learn technical concepts or jargon, then explain it briefly in such ways. 

I usually advise that one game is not a business idea, but then Riot Games happened (made just one game and made it big). Still, you need to show your investors how your game idea will attract players and money, how you will foster and keep players engaged and grow your player base. Your marketing plan and player retention plan should be central to your pitch, along with your player community management plan. jbadams mentioned having a competitive analysis - I agree that's important, but I disagree that it should be brief. You need to discuss the competition extensively - what other games are played by your anticipated player base, and how your game is going to woo and win over those players or that type of player. 

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